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Faster delivery of secure, reliable, and conformant code

Who Uses Klocwork?


Aerospace, defense, and military organizations use embedded software every day. Making sure that software is safe, secure, and reliable is critical. This puts developers under pressure to produce software without any defects.

Large codebases and complex systems make this a challenge. Tough compliance requirements make it even more difficult. With Klocwork, airborne systems developers can easily prove compliance and develop quality systems.

Energy and utilities product development teams need to ensure functional safety compliance, meet industry regulations as well as mitigate potential security vulnerabilities and coding errors. This can be a significant challenge for teams to effectively meet. 

With Klocwork, energy and utilities product development teams can easily comply with coding standards, identify potential risks, and have visibility into code compliance. 

Managing the increase in digital assets is essential for the efficient design and development of embedded systems.

All of those processes need to happen under strict compliance guidelines. For quality-critical industries, code needs to comply with coding standards and industry requirements. And, Klocwork can prove that your code is compliant.


The quality of software embedded in medical devices can mean the difference between life and death. Because of this, there is increasing scrutiny for both safety and security in devices.

By using Klocwork, you'll be able to meet ever-changing government regulations, and verify that your medical devices are safe, reliable, and efficient.


Automotive software development requires more than 100 million lines of code. What’s more, the installed embedded software is generally developed independently from the rest of the automobile.

Because of this, development teams must be able to effectively manage a unique set of challenges. With Klocwork, development teams are able to collaborate on projects, and ensure that their code is high quality and meets regulatory compliance.

Functional Safety Standards Supported By Klocwork

Klocwork SCA can be used to achieve industry functional safety standards and certification.


  • IEC 61508 (general industry, defense).

  • ISO 26262 (automotive).

  • EN 50128 (railways).

  • IEC 62304 (medical).

  • DO-178B/C (aerospace).

Certified for ISO, IEC, and EN Compliance

Klocwork is independently certified for compliance.

TÜV-SÜD Certified

Klocwork is TÜV-SÜD certified for compliance with functional safety standards:


  • IEC 61508 (general industry).

  • ISO 26262 (automotive).

  • EN 50128 (railways).


“With Klocwork we’ve been able to identify problems that would have been missed, and discover errors more quickly than through traditional manual analysis and testing. That’s allowed us to deliver the high-quality software we pride ourselves on and that our customers expect.” — Engineering Manager, SCM Systems

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