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Digital-Twins and Remote Lab. We complemented the traditional teaching approach with new tools to teach and learn mechatronics and robotics. We are offering new tools for engineering education.

Ball Balancing Table.jpg


2-DoF Control Platform for Teaching and Research

ACROME Ball Balancing Table is an innovatively designed experiment system suitable for controls and mechatronics education and advanced research topics.

Ball Balancing Table, with its easily accessible and user-friendly components, is a hands-on experiment, closing the gap between real industrial systems and DIY-approach. Students can understand the effects of different controller types on the system and easily cover controller design concepts with control system experiments. The ready-to-use courseware and a wide range of software options give the maximum flexibility to learn the essential aspects of control theory by experimenting. The system is also suitable for graduate studies for designing advanced controller types such as robust control, adaptive control, and so on. Open-source software makes it possible that students and researchers can modify and test their own developed algorithms.


1 DOF Control Platform for Teaching and Research

ACROME Ball and Beam System are ideal to introduce students to the fundamental and intermediate principles of controls. Let's teach automatic control with Ball and Beam!

Apply control theory in real-life with ACROME Ball and Beam! The ball and beam system consists of a long beam together with a ball rolling back and forth on top of the beam. The long beam tilted by a servo. Our Ball and Beam System provides practicing the automatic control theory on a closed-loop experiment. Controlling the position of a ball on a beam is one of the classical problems of control theory. Ball and Beam System can be used for a wide range of control system design implementations from basic linear controllers to advanced nonlinear methods. Students are able to understand system design approaches with Ball and Beam's learn-by-doing method. With the help of the courseware, they can distinguish the effects of linearizations, assumptions, and modeling errors due to the differences between simulations and real-world experiments.

Ball and Beam.jpg
Delta Robot.jpg


3-DoF Vision Guided Robotic Platform for Teaching and Research

ACROME Delta Robot is a best-in-class robotic platform to understand parallel kinematic robotic fundamentals without barriers.

ACROME Delta Robot, with its accessible and student-familiar components, can empower your robotics and automation laboratory. Completely open-source software makes it possible for students and researchers to modify, create and test their own algorithms for complex applications. With the extensive courseware, students can easily understand the complex inverse kinematics algorithms and cover both motion control architectures and vision-guided robotic jobs for industrial parallel kinematic applications. The courseware helps students learn robotic control and vision guidance from scratch and opens a door to the world of artificial intelligence, process optimization, and Industry 4.0. ACROME Delta Robot can move parts by its magnetic end-effector so it is well suited for Pick-and-Place operations, which are performed millions of times per day by modern robots.


6-DoF sophisticated motion system for robotics and controls

ACROME Stewart Platform is a parallel robotic system with custom size options, could be used for advanced robotics concepts in academia and various applications in industry.

Stewart Platform can offer realistic simulations at six-axis owing to the high sensitivity of linear actuators, gyroscope, and a three-axis accelerometer. With the accessible and user-friendly components, it is suitable to simulate real systems such as flight simulators, machine tool technology, crane technology, mechanical bulls, precision platform positionings such as telescopes, antennas, and orthopedic surgery. Every unit of the Stewart platform is controllable independently with the modifiable open-source software and users can understand the effects of different controller types on the system. With the extensive courseware, users have the opportunity to learn essential aspects of robotics and easily cover controller design concepts.

Stewart Platform.jpg


Flight simulation control unit for teaching and research

ACROME 1-DoF Copter is a perfect introductory plant for learning fundamentals of flight dynamics and control.

1 DOF Copter has been designed to simplify the intelligent control strategy of flight systems. With the motor compatible electronic speed controller and high-resolution encoder 1 DOF Copter enables users to experience the fundamental concepts of quadcopters, rockets, hovercrafts, and underwater vehicles. Ready to use courseware enables students to understand the main topics of control engineering such as system modeling, linearization, linear control system design and frequency response analysis. The fully open-source software gives the freedom to students and researchers to modify the algorithm or even design their own structure.


6-DoF Robotic Arm for research and teaching

ACROME Acrobot is a robot-arm system with custom joint options to be used as a test bed for collaborative robotics, intelligent control systems, and Industry 4.0.

ACROBOT 6-DOF Robot Arm, with its high technology joint actuators, is a hands-on experiment, closing the gap between real industrial systems and DIY- approach. Users can understand the complex inverse kinematics algorithms and quickly prototype new motion control architecture for industrial parallel kinematics robots. ACROBOT enables the students and researchers to design complex applications and gives them access to the world of industry 4.0. Completely open source software makes it possible that researchers can modify and test their developed algorithms.

2 DOF.jpg


2-DoF Control Platform for Advanced Control Teaching and Research

ACROME Linear Inverted Pendulum is designed for learning and testing advanced feedback-control algorithms using an unstable non-linear system.

ACROME Linear Inverted Pendulum Trainer with Direct Drive Actuator is a classic pendulum control challenge built with special industrial automation components with the twofold educational target. The system can be used to teach students how to balance a vertical rod at the tip of a moving arm and be used as a tool to teach industrial components such as linear motors, servo motor drivers, magnetic encoders and sliding rails. The inverted pendulum system is a popular demonstration of using feedback control to stabilize an open-loop unstable system and is widely used as a benchmark for testing control algorithms.

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