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Over 400+ Customers across 25 countries

From Defence organizations to Fortune 100 Enterprises to Universities, over 300 customers choose NetSim for its Flexibility, Simplicity, Power, and Value. An exceptional customer experience brings them back every time. Here are just a few of them. 


Intelligent Network Design


NetSim Professional

  • Network Simulator and Emulator

  • Network capacity and growth studies

  • New technology and protocol evaluation

  • Used by Military / Defence / space organizations, Utilities distribution companies, Network equipment manufacturers and services providers

Accelerate Network R & D


NetSim Standard

  • Network simulator / emulator for R & D in Universities

  • Comes with protocol source C Code

  • Develop and simulate your own protocols and algorithms

  • Debug in Runtime and "watch" all variables

  • Interface with external tools like MATLAB, SUMO, Wireshark etc.

  • Discounted educational pricing

Network Lab on your Desktop


NetSim Academic

  • Network simulator for teaching / network lab experimentation at universities

  • TCP / IP, Ethernet, Routing, Wi-Fi, MANET, IOT, LTE, WSN … and more

  • Well designed experiment manual with 45+ labs covering the latest technologies

  • Packet Animation for visual understanding

  • Deeply discounted pricing

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